The following resources are produced and provided free-of-charge for all those desiring to help parents succeed.  Feel free to make copies and distribute while maintaining original contents and branding.

“Community Resources” are designed to provide you with access to an updated list of organizations available to help parents succeed.

“Workshops” are designed as tools for you to use as you meet with parents for skills sessions or 1:1’s.

If you have a resource you’d like to add and make available to others, please feel free to email the info to


Trauma Resources

a list of our favorite “go-to” resources to learn more about trauma and helping parents to address trauma using the Protective Factors Framework.  Feel free to leave comments below with your own resource ideas and we’ll be sure to update the page!

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Partners in Caring

Partners in Caring seeks to engage individuals, families and congregations to promote social, economic, health and other activities in the community.  Programs include employment counseling, emergency food assistance, and the Interfaith Homeless Emergency Lodging Program (I-HELP).

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Family Involvement Center

PAC is staffed by parents, called Parent Partners, who have raised or are currently raising children with emotional, physical, and behavioral health care needs. PAC’s Parent Partners provide support and helpful information, discuss options, offer encouragement, and inspire hope. They listen and help parents face challenges and find solutions that will meet the needs of their child and family.

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Changing Lives @ Phoenix Rescue Mission

As the only faith-based recovery program in the region offering long-term, comprehensive services to women and children, the Changing Lives Center helps to rebuild lives. The facility can house and provide for approximately 200 women and children. The 12- to-18-month program provides a stable, nurturing environment where women work through addiction and abuse issues. They receive life skills education and counseling, and ultimately become self-sufficient through career assessment and job placement.

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Maggie’s Place

Maggie’s Place homes are in neighborhoods.  Living at Maggie’s Place is like being part of a family; you will be surrounded by people that love you, support you, and will always want the best for you and your family!  While moms are pregnant, they frequently share a room with another pregnant mom and as she nears her delivery date, she may move into a single bedroom with a crib, changing table and other items she will need for her baby.

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Foster Care Initiatives

  Foster Care Initiatives is committed to reach families who are at risk of child abuse and neglect. We journey alongside parents as they courageously break the cycle of child abuse and neglect in their families. **Parent Base Note: This is an amazing organization if...

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Parents of Addicted Loved Ones

  Parents of Addicted Loved Ones is a support group of parents helping parents.  We meet every week to offer addiction education and support, at no charge, for parents who are trying to save a son or daughter from addiction. **Parent Base Note: There are some amazing...

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Healthy Relationships

   HEALTHY CONNECTIONS WORKSHEET One of the most important things a parent can do to successfully traverse the dependency process and maintain a healthy family moving forward is to identify and strengthen their support network.  This session will lead parents...

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Hope Women’s Center

Hope Women’s Center is a Christian non-profit organization that has served vulnerable women and teen girls in Apache Junction and the surrounding communities for over 32 years. Thousands of women, teens and their families have received free services and care through our education, mentoring, pregnancy support and material resource programs. read more

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

"Hope Women's Center"  NEONATAL ABSTINENCE SYNDROME There are many misunderstandings surrounding the issue of drug-exposed newborns.  This tool is designed to provide parents with necessary information regarding Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, it's affects on children,...

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