Family Involvement Center: Parent Assistance Center Program

PAC is staffed by parents, called Parent Partners, who have raised or are currently raising children with emotional, physical, and behavioral health care needs. PAC’s Parent Partners provide support and helpful information, discuss options, offer encouragement, and inspire hope. They listen and help parents face challenges and find solutions that will meet the needs of their child and family.

Here are some specific examples of how PAC can help:


  • Provide telephone (or walk-in) support and parent-to-parent support
  • Offer information about and assistance with accessing services for your child or family
  • Provide assistance with the probation, juvenile justice, and Department of Child Safety (DCS), formerly known as Child Protective Services systems
  • Provide information about valuable resources in the community
  • Help parents with stress as well as immediate, specific challenges
  • Provide parenting tips and information about parenting classes and resources
  • Offer guidance with special education and schools
  • Offer assistance with enrollment in public health services (i.e. AHCCCS, RHBA, etc.)
  • Help parents understand documents (medical, custody, public health, etc.) and refer them to the designated officials who will help them complete these forms
  • Provide information about support groups, family education programs, trainings, and other support services provided by the Family Involvement Center

Contact: Call 602.288.0155 or toll free at 1.877.568.8468 or by e-mail at
Population Served: Parents and grandparents looking for support in navigating probation, juvenile justice, and Department of Child Safety (DCS), formerly known as Child Protective Services systems.
Price: Free of Charge

Phoenix Location

Northern AZ Location


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