When children enter foster care, timely reunification with their parents is the best solution whenever possible. To help them get there, they’ll need a strong support base… A Parent Base.


The dependency process can be overwhelming and complicated.  We provide clarity and support to parents who are determined to succeed. 

Our model is built on research showing the most common factor leading to success is a strong and healthy support system.  We call this a Parent Base.     

As parents sign up to establish their own Parent Base, they will be walked through the process of identifying their support team, beginning with those assigned by the state and moving on to those natural relationships including family and friends.   

Next, parents will be guided in identifying personal and case objectives leading to successful reunification.  As parents complete tasks toward their objectives, the support team will be alerted and can respond with encouragement to keep moving forward!

Finally, a Parent Base is completed once parents connect with at least three local community resources and a peer mentor. 

The beauty of Parent Base is how progress, a personal story, documentation, and so much more is brought together on one simple platform. 

Check out our progress as we develop Parent Base!  Our Virtual Tour will be updated as we continue to add more features!



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